Your exam details and unique token ID are stored at an address on the Ethereum Blockchain's Main Network. You cannot retrieve your personalized exam details from blockchain explorers directly. This is because Blockchain explorers return only return the transaction hash from a smart contract. Also, because this hash is deterministic, the data that has been hashed (i.e. Your Name, Exam Name, Exam ID, Exam Date and Your Unique Token ID) will be difficult for you to view without knowing every exact detail. Therefore, we have implemented a Decentralized Application solution to retrieve your exam data from our smart-contract on the blockchain by your Unique Token ID.

The way to view your exam data through etherscan.io
Contract Addresses
CBSA - 0x593d38A938b9602d6e4a0C4B50abCA7e1bE41d4a
CBDE - 0x7F2CfF997ADc733431d02394f0726752a6894Bd8
CBDHF - 0x10B02cF5a06700233f4BEf9Cb989Eb8376E704CD
CBSP - 0x5b85Adc2458b281E1bD47884B7B28eCEC6bCe1eD
CBBF - 0x6B2764caAd4C0045b50543DC6480faA6B26EF83E


Then you try to find your transaction, it would usually be the day that you passed the exam. Once you click on your transaction, you can view a few pieces of data under the Input Data section at the bottom choose the View Input As UTF-8 so its readable.